8 Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes To Avoid

8 Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes To Avoid

Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes To Avoid

Start your kitchen remodeling the right way. The prime mistake a person does is not doing proper homework before getting his hands on a bathroom remodeling contractor. Homework means listing down things to do before bathroom remodeling to avoid mistakes that can hurt their pocket.

DIY Remodeling

DIY might sound cool to you as it does to everyone, but it takes a lot of practice and previous work experience to do a full-fledged kitchen remodeling. You might be thinking that doing DIY remodeling will save you time and money. Honestly, in many cases, it doesn’t as there is a lot of ground for a mistake to happen.
Remember that initiating a full-fledged kitchen remodeling project can cost you more time and money, contrary to hiring a kitchen remodeling contractor. However, if you still want to go for DIY kitchen remodeling. Then here are some mistakes you need to avoid for the remodeling to be successful.

Mistake 1: Forgetting Your Work Flow

When you are brainstorming for your remodeling, keep your kitchen’s busiest space in mind, the stove, fridge, and sink. Ensure that these areas and appliances are positioned smartly, that are adequate to one another. Designer state this process” work triangle.” This helps you maintain your workflow in the kitchen.

Mistake 2: Don’t damage surrounding space

Before initiating your kitchen remodeling, you need to ensure the protection of other rooms from debris, paint stains and rubble. Use “mudroom” which is made up of spring-loaded poles, adhesive zipper and plastic sheeting that forestalls the damage. Mudroom can also save you from cleanup also.

Mistake 3: Positioning the appliances last

If you are going for a full-fledged remodel then don’t position the appliances at the end. As it is quite easy and convenient to choose countertops and cabinets to position your appliances, microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator, etc. Positioning the appliances last will give you a hard time.

Mistake 4: Forgetting budgeting

Make a budget for your kitchen remodel. Allocate your finances smartly by analyzing the key features of your kitchen. Almost two-thirds of the typical remodel budget goes to cabinets, countertops, and center island.

Mistake 5: Neglecting the lights

People often neglect the role of lights in the kitchen. A kitchen space requires 3 types of lights. There should be a task light that will focus on a certain area and a regular for the kitchen. Then a pendant light to make the kitchen look aesthetic and appealing. If you have extra money then install lights under countertops and cabinets. Lighting is essential you would be making a massive blunder if you forget the lighting part of your kitchen remodels.

Mistake 6: Mesmerized by open shelves

If you are watching a lot of YouTube kitchen remodeling channels then you may get allured by the hype of open shelves. But don’t get fooled by all those staged kitchens because a normal family doesn’t have that much open shelves. It also hurts your pocket. A kitchen doesn’t need all that, it just has to be functional and aesthetic.

Mistake 7: Not visualizing properly

Everyone wants their kitchen to look beautiful but not everyone visualizes it properly to make it look beautiful. To make a kitchen beautiful you have to make it functional and spacious. When planning kitchen remodeling you should visualize the space, size and positioning of your fridge, cabinet, microwave, and other appliances. To get a more realistic idea, walk through your kitchen space and visualize your remodeling process.

Mistake 8: Going overboard in a small space

If you have a small kitchen then remodel it smartly don’t go overboard by stuffing massive islands and open shelves. Rather than an island installs a small peninsula it works great. If you have lots of kitchen appliances then design your cabinet and compartments accordingly.
Remodeling a small kitchen is hard and it often doesn’t end according to your dream kitchen. So, try to hire a kitchen remodeling contractor, they will remodel your small kitchen while catering to all your requirements.

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